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Finding the best locations for LakeTahoe Family Photos: Tips from Your Photographer

Updated: May 16, 2023

good places to take family protraits lake tahoe forest

Location is a key element that can make or break a photo shoot. But don't worry if you don't have the perfect spot in mind yet – that's where your photographer comes in! As a professional, I have extensive knowledge of the most beautiful and picturesque locations in the Reno/Lake Tahoe area. Trust me to guide you to the perfect spot for your session. Finding the best locations for lake tahoe family photos is easier than you might think.

Do Your Research -

If you want to have a look at some of the places I've worked before, you can check out my family portrait portfolio. Take some screenshots of locations you like, and we can work together to choose the best spot for your session. You can also browse the internet for inspiration – The Redfin article my work was featured in has some great ideas to get you started. However, keep in mind that some popular locations, like Sand Harbor, can get crowded in the summer, so we may need to look for alternatives.

group extended family portraits lake tahoe

Think About Your Vision

To help me choose the perfect location for your session, give me some details about what you're envisioning. Are you picturing pine trees and greenery, or more wide open spaces? Do you want mountains or the lake in the background? Are you looking for traditional posed shots or candid, organic moments? The more information you can give me, the better equipped I'll be to find the perfect spot.

mother and daughter family portraits flowers beach lake tahoe

Consider the Season

Different seasons can affect the availability and accessibility of certain locations. In winter, some spots may be hard to get to due to snow, while in spring, some areas may be soggy from runoff. In summer, Tahoe's forests come alive with beautiful wildflowers, making for stunning photos, especially if you have little girls in your family.

kinds on a snowy beach family portraits winter lake tahoe

The Who, What, and Why

Finally, consider the unique aspects of your photo session. If it's a large family group, we need to ensure that the location has enough space and accessibility for everyone. If you're celebrating a special event, like an anniversary, we can look for a location that reflects that significance. And if you're planning to use the photos in multiple ways, we can find a location that provides a variety of backdrops in one spot.

In conclusion, your photographer is your greatest resource when it comes to finding the perfect location for your photo session. Trust me to guide you to the most beautiful spots in the Lake Tahoe area, based on your vision, the season, and the unique aspects of your session. Get in touch with me to start planning your perfect photo session today.


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