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They aren't just pretty; they taste good too! Standard cookies are delicious vanilla bean flavor. The royal icing has a hint of lemon to give it a more demensional flavor profile. Custom orders needed in 2 weeks or less are subject to availability and may incur a 20% rush fee. Orders need to be picked up in Gardnerville, NV. No shipping is available; however, delivery is an option for an additional fee. Cookies are individually packaged and sealed. Other packaging options are available for an additional charge. The standard cookie size is between 3-5 inches.

If they dont need to be customized but you still want unique holiday themed cookies see what is/will be available for pre-order.


Pricing is based on decorating complexity with the following tiers. *Note most photos you see of my work are Tier 2 or 3.


Tier 1 - $70 per dozen. 

Basic design, one to two layer cookies. Up to Three designs. up to three colors plus white. Can include basic stenciling, basic wet on wet design, minimal writing. 

Tier 2 - $85 per dozen. 

A mix of simple and complex designs or designs that fall right in the middle. 2 dozen minimum. Up to 6 designs. Up to 6 colors plus white. Designs can include multiple layers, color shading, hand painting, metallics and golds, hand-drawn designs etc.

Tier 3 -  $105 per dozen.

 For the most detailed and intricate cookies when you really need that wow factor. 2 dozen minimum. Up to 8 designs. no color limit.  Designs can include multiple layers, color shading, hand painting, metallics and golds, hand-drawn designs etc.

Mini Cookies available as add-ons only.

Mini Cookies are between 2 and 2.5 inches

 $55 per dozen



Cookies can be picked up in Garderville NV. Address will be provided when placing order. 

Delivery is availble for the following fees:

Gardnerville\Minden - $15

Carson - $30

South Lake\Stateline - $40

Reno\North Shore of Tahoe - $80

Custom Order Request

Please inquire below to get a quote for your custom order. Submitting this form does not mean your order has been placed. 

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