Why Choose Autumn Noel Photography?

 Serving Lake Tahoe and Nothern Nevada since 2014, I have 80+ weddings and hundreds of portrait sessions under my belt. 

Growing up in Lake Tahoe CA and now living in Gardnerville NV, I have an appreciation for beauty. I love nature and people watching. I find that has come to be a great asset to me as a photographer. I believe there is beauty in every moment and I love seeking out those moments and capturing them for my clients. 

Love and care goes into each image that I deliver. I know how priceless these moments are to you. I hand pick the best images from our session and ensure that each photo is optimally composed and edited before adding it to your gallery to download yourself. There is no batch processing here, no purchases presets. I use only presets I have made myself and then fine tune each individual photo in a way I feal best suits the lighting, season, setting and moment captured in each photo.

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