I am a small town girl, a lake girl, born and bred. It's in my blood.
I am most comfortable in wide open spaces or surrounded by tall trees.
Cities kinda freak me out.
I am married to a wonderful man who is funny and loud. I am on the quite and calm side so we balance each other out.
I am a terrible speller. Sorry about that. Don't worry, it doesn't affect my ability to take photo's :)
I am a firm believer that there is beauty in EVERY moment...some moments just make it harder to find than others.
The older I get the less friends I have and the more I cherish family.
I was lucky enough to have a mom that was incredibly loving and taught me how to appropriate beauty. Sadly she passed away from Alzheimer Jan 1st 2017. I miss her.
I am a mom to the most adorable 3 year old in the world.
I am step mom to a 9 year old and have been for 8 years now.
My 3 rescue mutts are a huge part of my heart and my family.
I love to garden and beautify my home. My home is my happy place.

I am a believer;
in love
in beauty
in good.